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Social networking refers to the use of sites like Facebook and Twitter, which allow people to interact with one another online. These sites have exploded in popularity, leading more and more for-profit and non-profit organizations to try to figure out how to take advantage of them.

These sites are in many ways a natural fit for United Church of Christ congregations. Social networking is non-hierarchical and very "organic" - anyone can share their thoughts and opinions.

These sites - which began with youth - are now growing rapidly in use by young and middle-age adult populations. Simply put, these sites are where people are. So churches that want to connect with people need to be there too.


Benefits - Why Bother?

Churches can find many beneficial uses of social networking sites. They can provide a way for members and staff to get to know one another a little better, by sharing information about their personal lives and interests. They can also provide a way for churches to give a glimpse of church life to people in the community who might be checking out the congregation before a visit. They can give church members a non-threatening way to share information about their church with friends from other parts of their lives. And they can provide church groups, such as youth groups, a way to interact with one another privately online.

Social Networking Platforms and how to use them for your church

Setting up a Facebook Presence for Your Church

Twitter For Churches

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