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Signage can be everything from large external signs identifying the church to small signs on walls inside giving directions. Some signage may be regulate by governmental organizations (e.g. signs on streets, exit signs inside)

Benefits - Why Bother

It is too easy to assume that some signs are unnecessary because "everyone knows," but it is essential to remember that everyone has to come to your building for a first time, signs need to be designed for that visit. Some signs are required by building code for safety and other reasons.

Step By Step Checklist

  • Tour your building and look at every existing sign (begin with any highway signs in town, if there aren't any should there be?)
  • Ask someone who is not a church member, preferably someone who is not even familiar with religious language, to take this tour with you to determine how clear the messages are.
  • Check with your local Building Inspector's office to determine what signs are necessary in you building. For example, exit signs have very specific regulations about placement and lighting. Also, there are typically specific regulations to make sure that signs are in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Finally, check to see if there are any special regulations for external signs. This can vary widely from one location to another, particularly if your church is in a historic district.
  • Decide on a consistent look for your signage. All signage should reflect your Branding as part of your Coordination.
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