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Phone communications for a church are a set of tools that may already be in place. Taking some time to consider how the phone system is used can vastly improve the way a church gets information out to members and the wider community. As a starting point it is important that a church have a phone number that is answered by a recorded message. The hardware needed for this may already be in place or cost less then $20.00, but we will spend some time here considering what is said on that outgoing message. With more investment into a strategy for using telephone communications a church can use an automatic phone tree to get information out to members or the community. This involves a cost starting at 10 cents per call but can be the most effective way to get out information about church closing for weather, special events in the church, or any other special communications.


Benefits - Why Bother

Developing a strategy for using your phone communications takes very little more than the time to think about it, but for some people may be the first contact with your church. As important as first impressions are churches can not pass over this.

Step By Step Checklists

  1. Outgoing messages
  2. Phone trees

Dos And Don'ts

"Hello, and thank you for calling the First Congregational Church of Anywhere. If this is a pastoral emergency please contact our pastor Rev. Such-n-such at. We gather in our main building, 123 Some St. in This-town, every Sunday morning at 10:30 for worship and all are welcome to join us. If you have a message for church staff please leave it after the tone. May you feel the blessings of God."

Where Do You Get

Phone service

Phone Tree info

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